As we delve into the 21st century the onus is on us to carefully embrace intergenerational responsibility so as to protect future generations.

The Office of the President at Cayman Institute of Technology is responsible for determining the overall strategic direction and priorities of the Cayman Islands only school of technology.  We are committed and  focused on technological research and education. Providing leadership and vision to our present and future  students and faculty and staff members. The Office of the President of Cayman Institute of Technology assumes liaison to key stakeholders such as the Board of Governors, The Minister of Education of the Cayman Islands, The Governor of the Cayman Islands , The Primer of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Island Contractor Association and all other external bodies and Universities.

With an approach that is both visionary and pragmatic, the Office of the President strives to ensure that a Cayman Institute of Technology campus  develops to successfully meet the technological needs of the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean region and the world as a whole.


Dr. Jeremiah Ransome GMM, MH,  Dip. ED, Dip Chap

Cayman Institute of Technology